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What is a VOILA! bridal appointment?
VOILA! bridal appointments are one-on-one consultations in order to provide brides and their families the best possible wedding dress shopping experience; that means the bride and her family have the bridal boutique shop to themselves for the entire appointment time. Because your wedding dress purchase is a once in a lifetime event, you deserve the time and attention of a professional consultant and a relaxing experience. Although VOILA! is big at heart, our store is quite intimate so please contact us in advance and take into consideration when inviting your friends & family! We recommend 4 to 5 guest! We do assist walk-ins when possible but not during a scheduled appointment. Individual consultations last around an hour and a half or two; providing our brides and their families access to the entire bridal boutique without interruption of other appointments. Shopping for the right wedding dress is an extremely special shopping experience -- you deserve only the best. To schedule a VOILA! bridal appointment time that works best for you, please contact us by phone at 864.229.GOWN or you can email us at voilabridalinfo@gmail.com.

What is a "Maid to Perfection" Fitting Party?
Our personalized fitting parties are a time to celebrate your bride-to-be while getting to know your fellow maids. Enjoy a relaxed & family environment with mimosas, sparkling water & light refreshments that make your fitting...a party!  After the bride has made her dress selection for her maids, we take each individual girls measurements to compare to our size chart. This gives you an idea of how close your dress will fit and although we all wish we were "true to size", alterations may be required once dresses arrive. A fitting party normally last between 1 to 2 hours depending our much girl talk is needed!

How far in advance should I shop for my wedding dress?
All designer wedding dresses are made to order. We recommend shopping for your wedding dress at least 6-9 months(depending on the designer) out from your wedding day. Most wedding dresses take about 4-5 months(16-20 weeks) to arrive after ordered. Also, a bride must take into consideration that extra alternations and fittings will take place after the dress arrives. Many wedding dresses are available on a rush for additional charges and we do sell some of our samples off the rack. Please inquire if your wedding date is close so we can better assist you. Life comes pretty fast sometimes, and we understand that love can't wait -- we do our best to ensure we can make all our brides' wedding dress dreams come true.

What should I bring to my VOILA! appointment?
For bridal, we encourage that you bring light colored undergarments, strapless bra, a pair of heels, hair tie and spanxs. Your consultant will be popping in and out of the dressing room to help you into each gown, so wear something you are comfortable in. We suggest wearing undergarments and heels that are reflective of those that you will wear on your wedding day to ensure proper draping of the dress and fittings. We do provide a clean, warm robe for our brides in case they need to take a break from the dresses to enjoy champagne or sparkling water with their family & friends.

What is the average price of a wedding dress (wedding gown) at VOILA?
Designer wedding dresses range from $750 - $1,900, and Couture wedding dresses range from $2,000 - $5,000. We offer a broad price range, and silhouette selection, in order to provide all of our brides the wedding dress experience of a lifetime.

Do I need an appointment for pageant, prom or formal shopping?
Absolutely not, but we do like to provide each customer a personal experience from the moment you walk through our door. Your shopping experience should be just as special as the occasion. From your first pageant or senior prom to attending a ball, we want to learn every detail of what you are searching for so we can help you find "the one" that will make you say "VOILA!". 

Do you offer refunds? Are cancellations possible?
We are sorry, there are no refunds and/or cancellations. The material orders are placed with the designers and their production houses once a bride signs her wedding dress contract. Therefore, we are unable to accept returns and/or offer refunds/cancellations in any capacity no matter what occurs post purchase and signature of the wedding dress contract. As a 'made to order' item, your dress or accessory will be made in a color and size combination that is custom to you. Please ensure that you are ordering the size that most closely fits your measurements by referencing the lines guide (further alternations are almost always required once the dress arrives, and you have the option to utilize our third party alteration services if you choose). We do not accept returns and/or offer refunds for any reasons.

Do you offer alterations?
We do have a wonderful relationship with Melva & Milly Alterations, who will hold fittings in-house & also know some of the most respected individuals in town who offer outside services. VOILA! is not responsible for any third-party actions.

What are your hours?
We are open Tuesday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturdays 10 a.m to 4 p.m. We can accommodate after hour appointments as needed, seeing life can get busy at times.

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