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Bride's guide - Traveling

Posted by in on May 20, 2016 . 0 Comments.
A Bride's Guide

It can be tricky and time consuming finding the perfect gown to wear when you finally say "I do!" Sometimes brides are hesitant to travel outside of their state lines. However, the dress of their dreams could be hiding 600 miles away. We have had brides from all over the country shop with us from Georgia to North Carolina to Tennessee. Even girls from West Virginia and Washington, D.C. We can assure that the traveling to shop with us here at Voila will be a trip worth while. We start off every appointment with some champagne {which is usually the mom's favorite part --helps calms the nerves} and consult with the bride about what styles they have in mind. After discussing styles, we start to pull some for the bride to try on. The bride also looks through our selection of dresses and picks out anything that catches her eye. In our bridal suite, she tries on the dresses while her family awaits in our main room. Once the bride has on the gown, we come in with the heavy duty clips. We use these if the gown sample is too large in order for the the bride to get a feel of what the dress would look like in her size. The bride then walks out into our main room to show her family each dress and uses their opinions with her own to decide if she likes it or not. If she does like it, we put it into our "maybe" pile and if she doesn't, we put it back onto our sample racks. Our goal is to help the bride narrow down her "maybe" pile to three dresses. This can also be very tricky. A lot of girls are indecisive at this point, and its totallllyy normal. We help the bride by asking her questions such as: "Could you see yourself in this on your big day?" in hopes for the bride to make her decision to say "YES" to her absolute favorite. After the bride makes her decision we celebrate with a picture for insta & FB and maybe a little more champagne {because you can never have enough, right??} We love to make our brides feel special!

So ladies, if you just got engaged and are thinking about heading down to lovely Greenwood, SC -- Please do! We would be honored and love to have you in store with us!



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