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Jenny Woo?

Posted by in on July 08, 2015 . 0 Comments.
Summer is the time for each and every bride to find THE perfect dress for their upcoming wedding. It is also a time bring all of the ‘maids together to find a dress that accents the brides unique style, while keeping her entourage happy! Whether your bridesmaid is your sister, family member, or lifelong bestie… It is important to include them in the process. This process may include drinking too much bubbly while flipping through bridesmaid catalogues, or hour long phone calls while you both frantically search the internet, or it may include scheduling a “maid-to-perfection” party at your local bridal boutique!
Whichever process you may choose it is important to keep in mind the Three C’s—
Comfort, Cost, and Compatibility.
Comfort— Each and every good ‘maid should let the bride make the ultimate decision when it comes to picking out the dress. {Not too revealing or itchy or short- may be something you should keep in mind!} Believe me, you don’t want your bridesmaids tugging at their dresses while you are trying to focus on the biggest/most important moment of your life!
Cost— When wedding planning you know important it is to stay within the means of the “B” word. {Budget, that is} Keep this in mind when choosing your bridesmaid dresses. Everyone has a budget and it is important to respect your ‘maids funds when selecting a dress. It may be a good idea to privately ask each one of your ‘maids an average of what they feel comfortable spending.. Let your boutique know this amount so they can pull dresses according. This will ensure there are no panic attacks when we get to the register!{Yes, we’ve all been there!}
Compatibility— Hmmmmmm, being compatible is very important in a relationship but what does that have to do with bridesmaid dress shopping? …Well, each bride has a unique style and it is important to keep that style fluid throughout every aspect of the wedding. {This includes your bridesmaid dresses} Make sure you are picking a style that really accents the bridal gown that you choose while setting the tone for the entire day!
Keeping the Three C’s in mind, we would like to introduce our new bridesmaid dress line—
The Jenny Yoo Collection!
In a time where tradition is emphasized, weddings as a result, have become more intimate, holding a special meaning for both the couple and those who care for them. I have created a special line of bridesmaid and wedding dresses that evolve with the
footsteps of today's changing times. — JENNY YOO

Jenny Yoo is redesigning the idea of the traditional bridal party. While she understands that a wedding is a tradition, there are certain rules that need to be broken. Combining luxurious silks, chiffons and cotton materials, Jenny has designed easy-to-wear dresses to accent even the most unique style. Jenny’s philosophy is to design dresses that complete the “look” of a specific bridal party, while providing each ‘maid with a gown that she can wear to many special events in the years to come! Jenny Yoo & The Dessy Group is the perfect match!

Ahhhh, isn’t she fabulous?!


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